I became concerned with the problem of the drug war in the late 1990s when I saw Judge James Gray on national television make some very sensible remarks about the truth of the drug war. So, I began to read, starting with his book Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It. That led to a long series of reading and discovery of the problem. Since I am a Christian, and I believe people are inherently worthy of consideration, I began to examine the problems of the drug war in a scholarly way. I read the pros and cons, and returned to Judge Gray’s book as one of the most sensible summaries of the problem. I have used the book in class to discuss the moral problem of the drug war, how the government has turned its own citizens into enemies in order to wage war on them. This web site and the blog (not updated in a while,) is my response to the injustices of the drug war waged by our government on the people of the United States and subsequently the rest of the world.

Douglas F. Olena, Ph.D.

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